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We utilize our many years of experience with high performance boats to provide many services relating to Performance to ensure your boat runs the way it should. Performance Enhancements can add Performance, Power, Speed, Safety and Fuel Economy!

Jackplates and Setbacks

We sell and install Jackplates and Setbacks from T&H Marine. Jackplates enhance performance, speed, handling, safety and economy. The Atlas hydraulic gives you the ability to raise the motor in shallow water as well as enhance performance.

Engine Performance 

We provide engine and boat performance evaluations on outboard, stern drive and direct drives. We also offer performance enhancements for those who feel the need. Let us make sure your boat performs at its best.


Hydraulic Steering Systems

We sell and install Teleflex Hydraulic Steering Systems to fit any outboard powered boat. Hydraulic Steering Systems enhance handling and safety. We also service and repair existing hydraulic steering systems.

Performance Props

We sell various types of props from aluminum to high performance stainless. We offer prop testing to determine your boat's needs. We also offer prop repair as well as performance balance and blue printing from our highly reputable sublet vendor.

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